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Documents Online
     DOH Express Immunization Clinic Flyer(English) (pdf format)
     DOH Express Immunization Clinic Flyer(Spanish) (pdf format)
     DC School Requirements Flyer (pdf format)
     Travel Clinic Listings(privately run) (pdf format)
     DC Law 3-20 - "Immunization of School Students Act" (pdf format)
     DC Municipal Regulation 22 - Immunization (pdf format)
     DC HPV Law 17-10 (pdf format)
     DC HPV Regulation - December 19, 2014 (pdf format)
     DC Immunization Registry Provider Brochure (pdf format)
     DC Immunization Registry Parent Brochure (pdf format)
Forms Online
     Pediatric Vaccine Administered Record (pdf format)
     Instructions for Pediatric Vaccine Administered Record (pdf format)
     Adult Vaccine Administered Record (pdf format)
     Instructions for Adult Vaccine Administered Record (pdf format)
     DC Universal Health Certificate - February 24, 2009 (pdf format)
     Instructions for DC Universal Health Certificate (pdf format)
     District of Columbia Oral Health (Dental Provider) Assessment Form (pdf format)
     DC Immunization Registry Record Non-Disclosure Form (pdf format)
     DC IIS Confidentiality Policy and User Agreement Form (pdf format)
     DC Department of Health Release of Information Form (pdf format)
     Perinatal HepB Case Submission Form (pdf format)
     Perinatal HepB Case Online Submission
     Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
     Immunization Action Coalition
     National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases
     VAERS Online Reporting System
     Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)
Database Access
     Registry - now with 2012 ACIP/AAP Recommendations
     DOCIIS (Registry) Password Reset Request
     Download files (Use as way of downloading error reports)
     Web Site Features for 2012 (pdf format)
     View-Only Instructions (pdf format)
     Data-Entry Instructions (pdf format)
     Quick Guide (pdf format)
     Quick Tips (pdf format)
Account Management
     Registry Password Change
     Facility Compliance Listing - now with links to records
     Facility Compliance Listing Instructions (pdf format)
     Facility Enrollment Listing
     Facility Enrollment Listing Instructions (pdf format)
     Doses Administered - Standard and Custom - now with links to records
     Doses Administered Instructions (pdf format)
     VFC coCASA-AFIX Patient Listing
     VFC coCASA File Export
     VFC Profile Report
     VFC Profile Report Instructions (pdf format)
     Review Facility Enrollment Listing
     My Saved Report Files
Bulk Printing
     Bulk Form Printing
     Bulk Form Printing Instructions (pdf format)
     Training Registration
     Learning Management System